VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A 23-year-old man from Virginia Beach has been found guilty in a 2019 double shooting that killed another man and injured a woman.

During a court hearing Wednesday, a jury found 23-year-old Carson Carnell Davis Jr. guilty of second-degree murder, aggravated malicious wounding, and two counts of use of a firearm. His sentencing is set for July 13.

The charges stem from an incident in May of 2019 when two groups of people met up at the Roadway Inn in Virginia Beach to exchange clothes.

One of the groups included Zaymi Lewis, and a female driver. The other group included the eventual homicide victim, Terrence Houston, the second shooting victim, and two males and two females.

When Lewis and the other female picked up Davis, court documents say Davis brought a gun with him.

The two groups arrived at the hotel and exchanged the clothes when a verbal altercation occurred between the women of the groups.

Ultimately Lewis got out of the car and a fistfight ensued between Lewis and a female from the other group.

Houston and the other male in that vehicle got out of the car to break up the fight. 

Police say this is when Davis then got out of the car with a gun in his hand. As Houston stepped toward Davis, Davis shot him in the stomach. 

One of the women in Houston’s group approached Davis, who was now back in his vehicle, and asked why Davis shot Houston. Davis then shot that woman once in the neck. 

He then screamed for Lewis and the female driver to get back in the vehicle, telling the two to, “Just run them over.” 

Davis’ vehicle then fled the parking lot, and he was dropped off at his apartment. 

As the female driver attempted to drop Lewis off at her home, the police were there and took them into custody. Lewis had possession of the gun used in the shootings.

Police say Houston died at the scene, and the female victim was rushed to the hospital. She survived, however, she has a permanent impairment and has no feeling in her left arm and has nerve damage.

The next morning, officials say Davis went to his employer and asked for an “advancement” on his paycheck. 

Davis told his boss that he shot two people and needed to get to California. When he got back to his apartment, police were there waiting for him. Officers later found the search engine to Virginia Beach’s warrants webpage on Davis’ television screen where he was looking if he had any active warrants.

A spare magazine to the gun used to shoot the victims was found in his dresser. 

Lewis pled guilty to misdemeanor charges of accessory after the fact and concealed weapon, and was sentenced to 365 days on each charge, with 300 days on each charge suspended, leaving a total of 130 days to serve.

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