VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Jilted lovers can bite back for Valentine’s Day at the Virginia Aquarium.

Though some might celebrate the holiday with roses, candy, and dinners, the Virginia Aquarium instead is choosing to lift jilted souls with a little anti-Valentine’s fun(draiser).

The facility is offering guests the chance to symbolically feed their exes to the aquarium’s animals.

Guests can explore the aquarium’s menu of feeders and see which one reminds them most of their ex. Is it the dead rat or fish? A creepy crawly cricket, roach, or worm? Or just a dull vegetable?

Guests can then purchase the creepy crawler, give it their ex’s name, and one of the facility’s residents will have it for a snack.

All funds raised will help support the Aquarium’s operations and animal care.

Read more about the fundraiser HERE.

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