VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Down at the Local Taylor’s Do It Center in Virginia Beach it is official: A snowstorm is coming.

A sign out front tells customers they can get their ice melt, snow shovels, firewood and propane. Snow shovels were gone by mid-morning, ice melt is in hot demand, and so are faucet protectors.

It is a busy day for Assistant Manager Adam Davis, who was looking for more supplies Thursday afternoon.

“There’s been issues getting things from New York. They’ve been hit hard with previous snowstorms, and things like that, so it’s a little bit slower,” he said.

Customer Amanda Shea is also getting ready. She is putting down some cash to prep for the snow.

“I just got a few supplies, but I didn’t really go too crazy. I kind of feel the storm usually is not as it tends to be. To get ready in this area, you just need a couple of things,” he said. 

Down at the Kroger grocery store off Laskin Road, empty pallets show supply was running low on toilet paper and paper towels. 

We talked to Virginia Beach resident Donald Johnson as he loaded up on the necessities.

“I got bread. I have hot pockets for the kids and cereal,” he said. 

We found many empty shelves at the Kroger, and also at the Portsmouth Kroger and the Norfolk Harris Teeter.  

Linda Assaid in Virginia Beach was back at the Kroger just buying her “regular stuff.” 

“I noticed chips and dips were pretty low. We are where we are, and we need to be kind and understanding. You get what you get,” he said. 

Johnson also told us he is concerned about the storm.

“There is a level of concern. You never know. Everyone is shopping because of what can happen, so they want to be prepared. Everyone is ready for that reason now,” Johnson said. 

“I think people are cautiously optimistic. They are a little nervous. They want to be prepared more than anything else,” Davis added.