VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — You may have noticed roller skating seems to have grown in popularity during the pandemic, and locally, there’s a group that wants you to join for fun, fitness, and friendship!

“All are welcome. We’re an all-inclusive community,” said Kirstey Guinto, founder of VB Roller Girls.

Guinto created VB Roller Girls before the pandemic began, but she says the group has grown over the past year and a half.

“You know, people can’t go to the gym as often anymore. Roller derby isn’t really happening, and now is the perfect time to do it because you can be outside.”

Guinto says VB Roller Girls focuses on all types of skating for all ages, kids to adults.

“We have park skaters, derby girls, and artistic dance skaters like me. So whatever type of skating you want to get into, we can help you for sure.”

Yes, the group will help you learn to skate, or improve skills you already have. It also plans to hold workshops while continuing to mentor kids in the group.

There is no fee to join. Guinto says it’s all about fun.

“Every Wednesday we meet up. We have a hashtag #OnWednesdaysWeSkate, and we meet up and SK8 House right now. It’s a short little thing, from 7-9, but it’s a nice mid-week break, and basically, it’s just a dance party.”

Guinto has big goals for VB Roller Girls, from volunteering in our communities to hopefully someday performing a routine on the Something in the Water stage. For now, though, she focuses on comradery.

“It’s kind of hard-to-find adult, female friends as you get older. I have gained so many new friends since I started doing this. It’s really refreshing.”

Don’t be fooled by the name of this group. Men and boys are welcome, and do skate, with VB Roller Girls.

To learn more about meetups and workshops, click here.

You can also follow VB Roller Girls on Instagram and Facebook.