VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Off Princess Anne Road in Virginia Beach, you’ll find one local business with a team that’s been ripping and running as of late, but it’s all in the name of love.

Virginia Beach Florist and Plants is a staple in the Hampton Roads Community. Dating back to 1951, it was founded by Barbara and Earnest Price.

“Our motto is family friends’ flowers; we’ve been family-owned for 70 plus years,” said Jacob Ortenzio, head of operations.

While they’ve switched locations a few times since then, one thing remains true; it’s all hands-on deck for Valentine’s Day.

“We’re about at that point where we’re sold out but we’re still taking walk-ins,” Ortenzio explained.

Ortenzio says they have 500 flower deliveries to get out of the shop during the love rush.

The business also has another location in Norfolk called the Sunflower Florist. Between the occasional hand cramp and thorn prick, the team perfects each order. Then, they’re out the door, carefully loaded up in carnation pink vans, and off to make someone’s day.

“We’ll be zipping all around town,” smiled Ortenzio.

However, behind the scenes, Ortenzio says it’s been tight getting enough flowers because of truck delays. He says it’s a problem that’s forced them to bump up their prices.

“Growers are having to delay cutting the flowers or cut early … employee shortages, the weather, a lot of the greenery comes out of Florida and Florida just froze over a couple of weeks ago,” he stated.

Still, they’ve made it work and are prepared to help any last-minute customers. Then, it’s on to the next big- flower holiday — Mother’s Day.