VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — “Oh my God,” one volunteer yelled after “Keagan Nando” was successfully rescued.

“It was a relief because we knew we were running out of time for him,” said Joyce Rutti, Billy the Kidden Rescue vice president and trapping director.

Rutti said he spent around 12 days in the Town Center pipes. Billy the Kidden Rescue got involved about three days later.

It was no easy task.

“It was a maze,” said Billy the Kidden Rescue president Emilie Jackson.

Rutti added, “The location itself. The number of drains. The sizes of the drains.”

The animal rescue had to get creative. It was ultimately yummy food smeared to the side of the pipe and some quick hands.

“We lured him out with his favorite shrimp scampi. As soon as he came all the way out, which he had never done until that night, we got him with a catch pole,” Rutti said.

Now, he’s living the life.

“He is doing good and he is healthy and that’s what we wanted to see,” Rutti said

He quickly found a cozy spot to hang out — the bed.

“He is learning how to kitten,” Jackson said. “Joyce sleeps with him every night.” 

A vet visit showed he has some worms in his tummy, but the rescue is making sure he gets the care to clear those up.

“He is going to have a good, healthy life,” Jackson said.

Keagan’s story brought a lot of eyeballs. Jackson said the rescue is thankful for the support.

“I love the fact that people are seeing what we are doing,” Jackson said.

While the orange fluffball isn’t up for adoption, Jackson said there are hundreds of other cats and kittens looking for a good home.

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