VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A judge has denied bond for a Virginia Beach math tutor accused of murding another man at a home on Hunting Horn Way.

Defense attorneys for Dusan Naumovic claim the March 2 fatal shooting of 37-year-old Vinicius Freire Carneiro was an act of self-defense. Naumovic is charged with second-degree murder and the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Naumovic’s defense is expected to appeal the judge’s decision.

On Friday, Naumovic said if he got out on bond he would go back home and live with his wife and son. His defense argued he has no prior convictions, no criminal history and is not a danger to society. 

The bond hearing for Naumovic was pushed back to Friday so that his wife, Sheri Naumovic, could consider whether she would testify in her husband’s case.

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Defense attorney Mike Joynes argued on Thursday the 49-year-old woman does not have a lawyer and her testimony could implicate her in another crime – adultery.

Dusan Naumovic testified under oath Friday he became aware of his wife’s infidelity in July of 2018, saying there were four men she was involved with at the time.

Naumovic said he went through her phone and found their names and numbers — he called each one and told them to stay away from his wife because she was mentally unwell. 

According to Naumovic, his wife has schizophrenia and that sexual promiscuity is a side effect of her condition. Sheri Naumovic was getting treatment and seeing a psychiatrist at the time. 

Dusan Naumovic said that was the first time she was unfaithful and he thought she was in treatment and that it was over “until this past Saturday.”

During his Friday testimony, Naumovic said he and his wife had not been physically intimate in nine years.

Detectives obtained a search warrant from Naumovic’s phone, and discovered that he has an app for the alarm system on his house. 

Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Scott Lang showed the judge security video for the home’s system, but because of the video’s sensitive nature did not play it to the rest of the courtroom. 

Lang said the video shows Sheri Naumovic hitting the panic button on the alarm system and her husband coming up behind her and immediately disarming it. 911 was called four minutes later.

In court on Thursday, Joynes said Dusan and Sheri Naumovic have a 16-year-old son who has autism, is nonverbal and has a tendency to wander around. The couple took turns sleeping in their son’s room to ensure his safety; it was Dusan Naumovic’s turn the night of the shooting.

Naumovic was asleep in their son’s room when he woke up around 3 a.m. and heard noises coming from he and his wife’s bedroom. Thinking there was a prowler in the house, he got up to investigate, Joynes said.

Naumovic opened the door to he and his wife’s bedroom and turned on the light. The shooting happened five seconds later.

Testifying in court Friday, Naumovic said Carneiro was one of the men she was involved with last summer and was among the men he called and told to stay away from his wife.

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