VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – A Virginia Beach Correctional Center inmate has completed a mural inside the jail, making it the first project of its kind in the facility.

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According to a press release, 49-year-old Michael Fetter was admitted into the correctional center in June for a probation violation and is serving an 18-month sentence.

Deputies noticed his artistic talent and saw an opportunity to improve the facility while also giving him a positive and creative outlet for his skills. Fetter was provided supplies and almost complete creative freedom for the project.

Fetter worked on the project nightly for about two months. The mural features an image of a bald eagle, fighter jet, sand, dolphins, King Neptune, an American flag, the word “freedom” and more.

The 49-year-old described the project as an opportunity for him to keep growing despite being incarcerated.

The Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office plans to commission additional murals in the future for the correctional center.