VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A local 16-year-old isn’t letting his disability get in the way of the daily “grind.”

Grant Davidson is the founder of his own coffee company, but needs a new set of wheels to help fuel his business.

Grant said he hopes he’s spreading happiness one cup at a time. From the roaster to the barrels, the scale, then the grinder, a lot goes into a morning cup of joe. Grant’s Grinds also adds in a dose of love, and a shot perseverance.

“I like selling it and meeting the people I sell it to,” said Grant.

Grant has cerebral palsy as a result of a birth injury, and is also considered quadriplegic by diagnosis, but he doesn’t let his disability hold him back.

“He’s rarely had a bad day in his life,” said Grant’s Mom, Michele. “He’s the youngest of four, so he really strives to keep up with his siblings.”

In fact, he still goes water skiing, recently attended the big homecoming dance, and even mows the lawn.

“We’re not allowed to say ‘I can’t’ at our house,” said Michele. “It can be hard and he can need help, but he does everything his siblings do.”

So as his siblings got older and started moving in different directions, Grant decided he wanted to have a job too.

“He wanted to sell something, and he wanted to sell something he knew about and really liked, so he decided on coffee sales because he’s an avid coffee drinker,” Michele said.

10 On Your Side asked Grant what he likes about coffee and he said, “It wakes me up!”

Grant delivers his coffee to his customers, makes special orders for presents, events and to place in vacation homes. His business model is integrated in his education throughout the day.

“They use Grant’s Grinds to do his math, to configure sales tax, for counting, for his numbers,” Michele said. “His occupational therapist utilizes putting stickers on the bags as a goal.”

The financial goal behind Grant’s Grinds? To help fund mobility equipment not covered by insurance. Grant and his parents are moving from Chesapeake to Cape Charles soon, and Grant said he hopes to deliver his coffee on a wheelchair accessible golf cart to those in the community.

“He loves going on the golf cart, but it’s really limited because he can’t get out ever because we’d have to carry him. “Michele said. “So this will enable him to come on the golf cart in his wheelchair, and go up to houses to deliver.”

It’s a mission Norfolk Coffee and Tea Owner, Chris Stephanitsis got behind right away.

“It’s heartwarming to know that we can help somebody and do things like this,” said Stephanitsis.

Grant teamed up with Chris to create his own blend with beans from Brazil, Columbia and Guatemala.

“He tasted it and said how good it was and said, ‘This is what I want,'” Chris said.

Grant has a goal of raising $18,000 toward his accessible golf cart for his business.

“Toward your fundraising efforts on behalf of Peter Decker Children’s Charity, here’s a check for $2,000, my friend,” said Pete Decker, III. “And when you put Starbucks out of business, don’t forget about us!”

Brewing an aroma of happiness and inclusion, showing people with severe disabilities have a lot to contribute.

“It makes him feel like a grown up, like he’s doing the same things his siblings are doing,” said Michele.

Grant’s Grinds is available for purchase at Norfolk Coffee and Tea and also at Sugar Plum Bakery in Virginia Beach.

You can also purchase online by contacting Grant on Facebook or email

Grant offers free delivery in Cape Charles or Virginia Beach.

If you’re not a coffee drinker, but you’d still like to donate to Grant’s Golf Cart Fund:$MicheleDavidsonmom