VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — School may not be out for summer, but for some beachgoers, spring is close enough.

“I’m here on spring break to have fun, relax,” said Marvin Davis, who is on spring break. “I like the weather it’s warm it could have been a little hotter”

“It was cold the past few days we’ve been here, now it’s really warm today,” said Claire Bowling, who is on vacation from Rocky Mount, Virginia. “We’ve been on the top pool, we’ve been on the beach a lot.”

What was once marked as College Beach Weekend, then “Something in the Water weekend,” is now just a regular weekend.

Even though there weren’t stages like years past, there was still celebration from the boardwalk on Friday. Melissa Leake with the United States Coast Guard was pinned and promoted beneath the Neptune statue.

“I have been stationed here for the last 14 years and my girls and I come to the beach, and here, I’ve spent a majority of my Coast Guard career here, that’s why I chose it,” said Melissa Leake, a senior chief petty officer in the Coast Guard

With diverse crowds at the Oceanfront this weekend, businesses are ready.

“We are ready to welcome warm weather. We are ready to welcome our local and out-of-town guests. We are expecting locals and guests to come enjoy our beaches,” said D. Nach Nani, president of the Atlantic Avenue Association.

“I believe the weather is going to be really beautiful and people will come out this weekend,” said Rachel Cook, the general manager of Jungle Golf.

When it comes to any event, just like a few weeks ago, a spokesperson from the City of Virginia Beach said they have received no substantial intel of any unsanctioned events this weekend.

With whatever the weekend brings, beachgoers should know safety is a priority.

“If you don’t want to have a safe experience, I promise you, we are ready for that,” said Nani. “And if you’re ready to have a safe fun experience, we’re ready to have fun with you.”