EDITOR’S NOTE: This interview was conducted prior to the Virginia Beach Police Department’s release of body and vehicle camera footage of the incident on Dec. 5. The video evidence appears to contradict multiple statements made here by Jacqueline Ortiz-Whitaker. 

In this interview, Ortiz-Whitaker acknowledges that she had a gun in her waistband but denies reaching for it, while the policy body camera shows her put her hand on the gun. She also claims the officer held his firearm to her head before he knew she was armed. The video shows the handle of the gun in her waistband shortly after being tackled. 

Additionally, Ortiz-Whitaker makes several claims regarding the actions of DeShawn Whitaker immediately before the officer opens fire, killing him. The video shows Whitaker return to the red satchel bag, remove a pistol, and aim it at the officer before the officer fired his gun.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – The wife of a man killed after an altercation with Virginia Beach police spoke out from behind bars Saturday afternoon for the first time.

On Saturday, Jacqueline Ortiz, 20, said Deshawn Whitaker, 28, was her husband. Deshawn’s brother previously confirmed the relationship in an interview with WAVY News.

According to police, DeShawn and Jacqueline were stopped by an officer after the plates on their vehicle came back as a stolen car. Jacqueline, who also goes by “Jackie”, told 10 On Your Side’s Madison Pearman she had a feeling the car they were driving was stolen after a friend had given it to them.

During the traffic stop, police said the officer tried to detain Deshawn, but he fled on foot after a brief physical altercation. In an interview, she said she knew Deshawn would get away.

Jackie said once Deshawn got physical with the officer, she got out of the car.

After Deshawn got away, the officer then tried to detain Jackie. Police said she was resisting, but she denies the claim. Police also said she continued to reach for a handgun, which she also denies.

By that time, police said Whitaker returned and pointed a gun at the officer. The officer then fired his gun, shooting and killing Whitaker.

Jackie said she never saw her husband point a gun at the officer, but said she knew he had one.

“A piece of me is telling me I know he wouldn’t have [shot the officer] because my husband has a good heart. He doesn’t want to see harm come to nobody,” Ortiz said. “But the last thing I heard him say was ‘get off my wife’ so in that moment I knew he was going to do what he had to do [to] make sure I didn’t get shot.”

Watch the full video with Jaqueline “Jackie” Ortiz-Whitaker below:

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