VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Most of us have heard of Christmas in July, but what about Halloween in January?

This Saturday a group of friends and neighbors got together for tricks and plenty of treats for Virginia Beach teen Abby Furco who wasn’t able to celebrate her favorite holiday this year.

10 On Your Side has followed Abby Furco’s story for the past few years. She’s had a tough fight with cancer, then a bone marrow disease. At one point doctors gave her 48 hours to live.

Last fall her health nosed dived again, causing her to spend Halloween in the hospital.

But her friend Caroline Nelson had a plan.

“I came up with the idea when Abby was still in the hospital,” explained Caroline.

As soon as Abby was up to it they would celebrate Halloween again, no matter the time of year it was.

Caroline and her mom Jennifer organized the entire day, even getting a group of neighbors involved so the girls and their friends could go trick-or-treating. The neighbors went all out, decorating their homes, dressing up and passing out handfuls of candy. There were lots of Milky Ways, Abby’s favorite candy.

“Abby’s been such a special part of our lives that it seemed like the thing to do to give back in this way,” said Jennifer Nelson.