VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Multiple people had to be pulled out of the water after a car plunged into the water early Monday morning at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

One had to be extracted by emergency crews.

That person was turned over to Virginia Beach EMS and their condition was unknown as of Monday night, Barbara Morrison, with the Virginia Beach Fire Department, said. The car has since been removed from the water.

However the evidence of the crash is still prevalent where the crash happened near where Pinewood Road and 32nd Street.

The crash happened just after midnight, according to Morrison.

Andrew Long, 19, said that is exactly the time he was leaving the 7-Eleven on 32st Street.

“I saw two cars fly, fly by me going probably in excess of 80 mph,” Long said. “I could hear them before I saw them.”

The cars were headed towards Laskin Road and Long said he immediately had a feeling the cars had the potential to crash. The posted speed limit on the road is 25 mph.

“There is no way they go around that corner going that fast,” Long said.

Seconds later he said he heard a loud crack and brake lights flying through the air. He climbed into his Jeep and rushed to the scene to see how he could help.

This video below, courtesy TJ Browning, shows the moment the car goes in the water.

Only one car entered the water. The other was able to slow down and drive up onto the sidewalk, Long said.

Surveillance video shows the car had taken out the fence surrounding Little Neck Creek.

Long said when he arrived to the water’s edge, several people from the car that didn’t enter the water had jumped in to try and rescue the two in the car that did.

“There was one kid in the water who was in the car and said he escaped through the window,” Long said. “He was in the water yelling: ‘is this real life? Am I dreaming?’ He had a big cut on his right hand and was bleeding.”

He was able to swim to shore. Long said another person was still tripped inside the car that flipped and was partially submerged.

First responders arrived and quickly jumped in the water, Long said.

“Probably about 10-15 minutes after they got there they pulled [the person trapped] out of the water,” Long said. “He was in bad shape.”

WAVY viewer Logan Griffin shared some video he captured of the rescue response:

While the official cause of the crash is still unknown at this time, Long said there is not a doubt in his mind speed was a major factor. It had rained earlier and roads were wet.

“I’ve never seen any car drive down this road as fast as they were. And I’ve lived here my whole life,” Long said. “I just hope they are OK.”

On Tuesday, Virginia Beach Police confirmed there were two people in the vehicle and that both were taken to local hospitals; one has life-threatening injuries.

The crash is being investigated by the VBPD Special Operations Traffic Safety Unit.