NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A woman who previously lived in Virginia Beach is behind bars for two years after she was sentenced for international parental kidnapping.

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Court documents show that 32-year-old Kathleen Shehadeh and her ex-husband had custody of their daughter ‘A.G.’ She child spent time with both parents according to a court-ordered schedule.

However, Shehadeh applied for and was granted a New Zealand passport for A.G. before fleeing from Virginia Beach with the child in July 2018. They originally went to Mexico City, Mexico then Shehadeh took her daughter to Bogota, Columbia, and, finally, to Spain.

During this time, Shehadeh wrote to the child’s father telling him that they had moved out west and would provide their address once they were settled. The father then went more than two years without hearing from them or knowing their location.

In August 2020, the father tracked Shehadeh and his daughter to Tenerife, Spain, and was able to reunite and come back to the United States with A.G.

The mom was arrested by the Spanish authorities on the federal warrant and eventually waived extradition to return to the United States and face the charge.