NAGS HEAD, N.C. (WAVY) — A man arrested in Nags Head, North Carolina is now in the Virginia Beach City Jail. Kelvin Jones Jr. was transferred on June 17, 2021.

In an unrelated case, Jones has come forward to say he was shot in the hand by police as he attempted to give aid to his friend, Donovon Lynch, who was fatally shot by a Virginia Beach officer at the Oceanfront on March 26.

That news came just one day after the attorney for Lynch’s family led a press conference, claiming Lynch’s body was moved during the investigation that night and that another man was shot and injured at the scene by police.

However, police have stood by their original statements about that night: They still say they only know of one person shot by an officer on that night, and that was Donovon Lynch. 

Nine people were shot and injured and two — including Lynch — were killed after multiple shootings at the Oceanfront March 26.

On a social media post, Kelvin Kenneth Jones wrote, “Bro how I get shot tryna save somebody else life. My prayers to bro family.” A screenshot of Jones’ social media post was shared by Donovon Lynch’s cousin.

Jones has maintained he was shot in the hand, but police say they don’t have any knowledge of that. Now we may know why police had no knowledge of Jones’ injuries, regardless of who shot him: Jones reportedly left the scene after he was shot and did not go to the hospital because he knew there was a warrant out for his arrest, according to Lynch family attorney Jeff Reichert.

Reichert is not representing Jones.

On Tuesday, April 13, police in Nags Head, North Carolina, found Jones and arrested him during a traffic stop. Police have not released details on the circumstances under which he was found, but 10 On Your Side has obtained video of the arrest.

Jones’ fiancée can be heard on video from Jones’ arrest counting five officers and claims one officer was from Virginia Beach.

10 On Your Side called Virginia Beach Police to find out if that was true. We did not receive a response on whether Virginia Beach Police were present for the arrest in Nags Head, but they did confirm Jones was arrested on charges out of Virginia Beach.

“He was arrested by Nags Head Police. The charges stemmed from Virginia Beach, two counts of contempt of court and one fail to appear on a misdemeanor charge,” said MPO Linda J Kuehn, spokeswoman for Virginia Beach police.

Kelvin Jones Jr. (Photo courtesy: VBPD)

At one point during the stop, an officer comes to the fiancée and says said Jones wanted his phone.

“I’m on the phone with his attorney right now. I am going to give him his phone, OK? Don’t hang up. His lawyer is on the phone,” she said. 

The fugitive warrant served on Jones is for failure to appear on original charges of receiving stolen property, possession of drugs, and assault and battery of a family member.

One of the officers can be heard in the video from the traffic stop saying the fiancée was free to leave.

“Ma’am, you are free to leave. Have a good day. He will be in touch with you when he gets to the detention center,” the officer said. 

The video is shaky and fails to have a steady shot during most of the stop, which seemed uneventful. However, Reichert can be heard on the phone questioning whether proper notification of charges had been presented. 

In the video, you can hear the fiancée, who was driving, say the car was stopped due to license plate issues. She also yelled “I love you” to Jones as he was being led away.