NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A Virginia Beach woman is set to spend nearly five years behind bars in connection to a string of defrauding cases across the country.

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Court documents show that 62-year-old Terry Lynn Miller signed a cease-and-desist order with the United States Postal Service in June 2019, in which she agreed to stop participating in fraudulent lottery and sweepstakes schemes.

That order came after investigators learned she would falsely tell her victims across the country that they had won millions of dollars but needed to first pay thousands of dollars in taxes and fees to receive their winnings.

However, officials say she quickly resumed her scheme until her arrest in May 2021.

She would deposit the money the victims sent her into her personal bank accounts and then convert it and funnel it to her co-conspirators.

In addition, Miller forged victim signatures on fraudulent checks and mailed locked briefcases to her victims. She would tell them that the briefcases contained their winnings and that they would receive the combination to the lock when they paid their taxes and fees.

The briefcases, however, only contained old newspapers and magazines.

It was determined that about 10 victims were defrauded over $220,000. That includes some who lost their life savings.