VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Drivers leaving I-264 heading into the Virginia Beach Oceanfront may notice a change, or rather an update, to the speed limit this summer.

I-264 transitions into 21st Street, a residential area, with very little notice. An issue some have brought to the city’s attention recently.

“A number of residents, as well as City Councilmember Guy Tower, had expressed concerns about the abrupt transition from interstate to local street,” explained Drew Lankford with the City of Virginia Beach Public Works.

Seeing the need, Lankford says Public Works Traffic Engineering came up with a plan to place speed signs two blocks sooner letting drivers know they need to begin slowing down from 35 mph to 25 mph.

In other words, the new signage notifying drivers to slow down will be two blocks closer to the interstate than it is now.

City officials hope this gives drivers more time to slow down before I-264 east transitions into 21st Street. 

The Virginia Department of Transportation just added blinkers in late April to the “35 MPH” signs on I-264 approaching Parks Avenue. 

They’re also planning to add “35 MPH” legends onto the pavement soon.

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