VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A costly mix-up. Some Virginia Beach drivers who filled up with fuel over the weekend did not get what they were expecting in their gas tanks.

Resident Carl Dalton says he stopped at the BP station at the corner of Laskin Road and First Colonial Road and filled his tank with octane 93 gasoline — or so he thought.

The next day, his car wouldn’t start at all.

He had it towed to his mechanic on Monday. Then they told him what the problem was: his gas tank was full of diesel fuel.

Carl called the gas station and they told him the distribution company made a big mistake.

“The delivery company of the fuel filled a few of his tanks with the wrong fuel. So when I thought I was putting 93 into my car, I was actually putting diesel into my car,” said Dalton.

The good news: Dalton says the gas station owner and the distribution company have been extremely helpful during this situation.

He says the distribution company will pay for the repairs to his car and the rental he’ll be using for the next few days.

Dalton told 10 On Your Side he wanted to alert other drivers who may have been affected.

He added that he was told the regular octane 87 fuel was not impacted.

One of the affected gas stations is encouraging those affected to call the fuel company directly at 757-204-4806.