VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A noisy sewage pump that has been causing nightmares for residents in a Virginia Beach community is getting fixed — and the people living next to it are thrilled.

The noisy pump is behind the Lynnhaven Shores condominiums off Shore Drive in Virginia Beach.

“It’s a problem that can’t seem to be fixed,” said Joe Judge, who reached out to 10 On Your Side when he said he couldn’t take it any more.

Public Utilities had told us the noisy pump was a temporary solution while they waited for a part they needed to fix the quieter, electric pump, but they were dealing with supply chain issues.

We called the city, and it seems like they got to work quickly. Judge watched them working from his window.

“They have been working hard and we’re very appreciative,” he said. “There have been people here every day.”

For now, the city engineers have moved the pump back and further away from the homes. Workers also put up hay as a sound barrier to lessen the noise.

“We had some sound levels taken, and it reduced sound levels by almost half,” said engineer Chris Johnson.

And there’s still more work to be done.

“We’ve also arranged to rent an electric pump, which is much quieter,” Johnson said.

“The important part of public utilities is to be a good neighbor,” he said, “and as soon as we learned about the situation, we very quickly worked to resolve it and make everyone very happy.”