VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — We are learning more about Donovon Lynch, the man shot and killed by a Virginia Beach police officer Friday night.

10 On Your Side’s Tamara Scott spoke with Anthony Lamb — a childhood and college friend of Lynch.

Lamb said he didn’t find out about his friend until Saturday afternoon.

He was emotional, and while he has questions about the officer who shot him, he also blames the individuals who started shooting at the other location.

“I got friends that got close friends that died. And I never really knew how I really felt until yesterday,” Lamb described after he found out Lynch was shot and killed.

“This like, just opened my eyes a little bit, you know, you got to cherish your friends. You know why they’re here because you never know when they’re gonna be gone,” he said.

Lamb says the two had seen each other through hard times, and Lynch was the type of person that was loyal and always had his back.

“He was still the same friend he was to me since day one. Even through us going through what we went through, you know, he was still there. I say that’s what I love most about him,” he explained.

Police say Lynch died after one of three shootings Friday night, and he was shot by one of their officers.

Anthony wants justice and accountability for everyone involved Friday night.

“I feel like if the young men weren’t out there behaving in the manner in which they were, shooting and causing terror to the community, the police wouldn’t have been out there at the moment. My friend would still be here. So, yes I want to hold the officer accountable, yes, but I think we got to dig deeper. I think we got to start taking some accountability,” he said.

Lamb is currently in North Carolina and said everything is still very emotional, but he plans on coming to Virginia this week to pay respects to his friend.

Something in the Water — a music festival organized by Pharrell Williams — tweeted on Monday with condolences for Lynch’s family.

“We don’t have the words to fully express how sorry we are about the loss of this beautiful life. We thank you and your family for your light and service. The VA Beach community and beyond will miss you. Rest In Peace Donovon.”

WAVY News 10’s Brett Hall reports Lynch was a volunteer with SITW.

A memorial is being planned for him at the Oceanfront Tuesday evening.

Stay with for updates.