VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A video circulating on TikTok shows a man pointing a gun out of his window at another driver at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

You can see a motorcyclist get off his bike and approach a blue Ford. That’s when the Ford driver points his gun out of the window.

The motorcyclist quickly gets on the bike. Moments later, the biker exchanges words with the driver of the Ford.

Across the street, a Virginia Beach police officer starts walking up.

The guy on the bike gets off and digs into a compartment of his motorcycle.

The man taking the video said, “Oh, don’t start shooting, bro. Is he getting his gun out?”

The driver of the Ford pops his door open and points his gun out of the car again.

You then hear police shout orders.

“Put your gun down. … Get out of the way. … Get on the ground. … Move,” one officer yells.

Police put the driver of the Ford in handcuffs.

“People crazy,” said local biker Nick Washington.

Washington said it’s scary, especially since he and his friends ride around the Oceanfront all the time.

“Things like that are crazy,” he said. “You have to watch out for people. It is a crazy world we live in and we try to be as safe as possible.”

Freddie Taylor, a local advocate, wants legislation put in place to make sure guns are in the right hands. He’d like to see people pass a test to carry a gun.

“It’s alarming and these incidents are increasing,” he said. “People have to pass an actual test to be licensed to carry and know the ramifications or repercussions of being emotional like that with your deadly weapon.”

He said people need to understand what it means to possess a deadly weapon.

“Let’s put these safeguards in place,” he said, “so we know the people that are acquiring them legally they have the significant knowledge and understanding to possess these firearms.”

10 On Your Side reached out to Virginia Beach Police for more information about the incident. We are still waiting for those details.