(WARNING: Some may find the video graphic or hard to watch).

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A cat is banking on her nine lives to get her through a particularly bad wound.

She was shot in the side with an arrow in North Carolina.

Sheila is a gray short haired cat who was dropped off at the Granville County Animal Center in North Carolina.

Immediately the vets noticed she had a very serious gash on her side that may have been cause by an arrow.

With the help of social media, Shelia found her way to Hope For Life in Virginia Beach and she is on the road to recovery.

“All we know is we were tagged by so many people with her picture and her story and they were pleading for a rescue group to get her out of there,’ said Pauline Cushman with Hope For Life Rescue.

This is the picture of Shelia the cat shared on social media.

Courtesy of the Granville County Animal Shelter

“When I saw the picture I couldn’t believe it. It looks like someone had taken two stitches and just tried to close it up one on either side.”

When they realized how serious her injuries were, she was transported to Virginia Beach for more treatment.

A closer, more graphic video showed Shelia’s injuries up close when she arrived at Hope for Life this weekend.

“They had suspected that she was shot with an arrow and that the arrow went right down her side, opening her wide up on the entire side,” said Pauline.

Before surgery on Monday morning, Shelia was immediately put on pain medication and antibiotics.

“She certainly suffered, there is no doubt about that,” she said.

But this morning things were looking up.

“It looks good when I talked to the vet ahead of surgery. They said she was eating and drinking, which is great. That’s a good thing with the condition that she is in,” she said

Hope for Life cares for cats and dogs with all kinds of injuries or disabilities, wounds like Shelia’s always shake them up.

“We’re emotionally distraught the minute the animal gets here on many occasions, we sit on the floor and cry with them when they first get here because we just can’t believe humans can allow this to happen to any animal,” she said.

We are still waiting to hear how Sheila’s surgery went. Once we know, we’ll share plans for her recovery and eventually adoption will move forward.