VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The case against four suspects who are accused of being part of a gun battle at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront in March will now head to trial.

On Thursday, Devon Dorsey, Ahmon Adams, Nyquez Baker and Raswell Steverson all had preliminary hearings in Virginia Beach General District Court.

There were several incidents that took place March 26. It resulted in multiple people being shot and two others killed. That included a man who was shot and killed by a Virginia Beach police officer.

Thursday, prosecutors showed the judge several surveillance videos from the first scene at 20th Street and Atlantic Avenue.

Police say it appears to have begun with a fight between two gangs.

Dorsey told detectives he was feeling threatened by a rival gang out of Norfolk. Dorsey then punched one of the gang members.

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Video shows someone near that fight pulled out a gun and fired in the direction of Dorsey. According to prosecutors, Dorsey along with his friends Adams, Baker and Steverson all started firing back. Prosecutors say four innocent people were shot.

“From the standpoint of our client, you have a situation where he was threatened, someone shot at him and that’s what triggered this whole event,” said Dorsey’s attorney Andrew Sacks. “To try to blame him when he’s minding his own business that’s where the focus should be. Not on our client.”

Defense attorneys argue that there was no evidence that any of the bullets fired that struck a victim came from the guns held by Dorsey, Adams, Baker or Steverson.

“I think it is a classic case of someone being victimized by somebody else and responding in a way they needed to protect themselves,” Sacks added. “It’s unfortunate it was on a public street, but there are people out there that are up to no good, who are threatening and provoking our client. What do you expect?”

Prosecutors say all four defendants were all firing down the same sidewalk and that makes them all responsible for each other’s bullets.

The judge certified the charges against all four suspects. A trial date has not yet been set.