VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – George Wiggins thought he was headed to pick up his fixed car from the shop but when he got there, he was giving something very unexpected.

There’s no doubt Wiggins’ truck gave him everything it could.

“I drove it into the ground,” Wiggins said with a laugh.

He got the car from his brother four years ago. His brother had gotten it from his sister.

“It had been in the family since 1993,” Wiggins said.

Wiggins’ truck not only served as his means to get around, but also for three years, it was where he slept.

“It was rough, because I didn’t have any heat and sometimes, I had triple layers of clothes,” Wiggins said.

But like most cars, Wiggins’ truck needed repairs. He took it to Christian Brothers Automotive in Virginia Beach.

“He wasn’t able to pay for it all up front, so we asked if he could make payments monthly,” owner Kirk Linahan said. “To our surprise, every month he would show up un-reminded.”

At that time, Christian Brothers got Wiggins back on the road so he could save enough money to get an apartment in March.

“We had some people from our church that donated a mattress and we took that over to him and bought him some sheets and some bedding,” Linahan added.

“They gave me all types of stuff and I didn’t even know it was coming,” Wiggins said.

Then in September, Wiggins had more truck trouble.

“This time, the engine was done,” Linahan said. “It needed a whole new engine. We just thought the best thing to do was try to get him a different car.”

A couple months later, Wiggins was told the truck was ready to be picked up.

“I came up here and was waiting on them, and then they took me through the door to go to my truck,” said Wiggins.

“He came into our lobby and we had somebody pull the car up while he was inside the lobby,” Linahan added.

“There was a car parked right here and we were walking past the car,” Wiggins said. “He said ‘No, this is yours right here’ and I said ‘What?'”

“We handed him the keys and he was pretty speechless,” Linahan added. “He didn’t know what to say.”

“I had to fight back tears,” Wiggins said. “It was embarrassing because I had to fight back tears. I was trying not to cry.”

Wiggins was given a 2004 SUV.

“It’s a four-wheel drive car right,” Wiggins added.

Now there are no worries about breaking down.

“They’ve been a blessing to me,” Wiggins added.

Christian Brothers was there when Wiggins needed it most.

“We see these stories every day just in smaller ways and it feels like we are doing what we are here to do,” said Janet Linahan.

“I couldn’t thank them enough, because, you know, who does that?” Wiggins asked. “To give you a car like this that’s in perfect condition is a blessing.”