VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Gold coins are creating new opportunities for students at several Virginia Beach schools, through the pages of a new book.

Children at Rosemont Elementary School have the opportunity to earn a coin for doing something positive in class, then they can use that coin to get a book from the book vending machine at the front of the building.

Reading can take you on a wild adventure, or send you soaring through space, so when Rosemont Fifth Grader, Kennadi Miles, found out she earned a gold coin to pick a new book from the vending machine, she couldn’t contain her excitement! Kennadi used her coin to pick out, “Storm Runner.”

“I like to read chapter books and non-fiction chapter books,” said Kennadi.

The book machines are at seven Title One schools in Virginia Beach; six elementary schools and one middle school. These schools usually have a higher percentage of low-income families.

Director of Title One Programs, Laura Silverman, says the vending machines help build excitement about learning.

“It doesn’t matter what job you have, it doesn’t matter where you are in life, reading is a part of it,” said Silverman. “In addition to it helping us do what we need to do in life to be successful, it’s something that can really hit their hearts that they can become passionate about.”

Silverman said the goal of the program is to not only motivate students to read more, but also to build access to quality books at home.

“It really gives them not only access within the school building, but also in the home to continue to build a love for reading as well as to ensure they’re building their literacy capacity with their families,” said Silverman.

Fifth Grader Emma Gonzalez earned her coin by setting a good example in class. She picked a book to add to her book shelf at home.

“I saw this dog book, called “Missing Treats,” and I thought wow that book looks interesting and I thought my sister would like it too,” said Gonzalez.

The vending machines have a wide variety of books, so kids of all ages can earn coins for doing something good.

The Title One elementary schools include Rosemont, Point O’ View, Green Run, Parkway, Bayside, and Newtown. There’s also a book vending machine at Bayside Middle School.

This is Sophia Roth’s second coin. She earned her coins for demonstrating “soaring” expectations, like being respectful and following directions.

She showed WAVY some of the books in the machine, demonstrating that lower grades can pick from the bottom and the books increase in reading level as they get higher in the machine.

“It starts with easy books and then it reaches up to harder levels and stuff,” said Roth.

Roth picked the book “A Boy Called Bat” from the top shelf.

Benjamin Torres earned a gold coin for being a good role model.

“I stayed on task, I followed the rules and I did my work,” said Torres. “I wasn’t a distraction in class or anything.”

Torres said he wants to be an engineer when he grows up and he knows reading will help him get there someday.

“Maybe books about maybe science and technology,” said Torres. “One of the reasons I want to become an engineer is to build animatronics.”

He also knows being a strong leader and making good decisions will help him get there.

“Make good decisions that you know are good decisions,” said Torres. “Think about the decisions you make and how it will affect others and how it will affect you.”

Because spreading kindness can help write a new chapter in someone’s life.

“They know that they’re doing what they need to do to be successful and they’re feeling just joy for themselves about what they’re earning and joy for reading,” said Silverman. “We put all the time and the effort into the preparations, but the smile on their face and the pride that they have is really all we need to know the hard work we put in is in fact worth it.”