VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Jason Jablonski, who has been in the United States Navy 12 years, showed up for a bond hearing Thursday likely knowing he wouldn’t get bond — at least not now. His attorney even told the judge there was no viable way Jablonski would get bond. 

Jablonski is in the Navy, married with three children, but his house has been empty for a few weeks, according to a neighbor.     

He is charged with second-degree murder after he allegedly got into a fight with Herbert Bryant on March 11, beat him in the face with a dumbbell, then pushed the dumbbell down on Bryant’s neck until he stopped moving, according to court documents. He was then dragged downstairs, where Bryant was found by a neighbor. 

Jablonski’s alleged accomplice, Heather Totty, who has a previous criminal record, was shaking in court as she asked for bond.  

Totty is accused of helping drag the body outside then throwing away Bryant’s belongings in a trash dumpster. The belongings were later retrieved by police. 

 She told the judge she’s never been in trouble, but then the judge reminded her of the drug possession charge, 13 violations of probation, and other violations. Then she admitted she lied about that, and then the judge dismissed her, saying, “I’ve had enough of you.” Her bond was also denied.   

But it’s Jablonski who has stunned his neighbors for behavior so unbecoming of what they know.

“I never saw him violent, no drugs, and I saw him most times out in the street with his children playing.” said neighbor Tyrone Hall, who lives next door.

Now, the neighbors know what is in the court report.

“That Jablonski on a crack bender, got into a fight with Herbert Bryant, beat him in the face with a dumbbell, then pushed the dumbbell down on Bryant’s neck until he stopped moving,” he said.

“Unbelievable. I can’t believe he did that. It doesn’t fit his nature or profile,” said neighbor Doug Harrison.

Harrison remembers how Jablonski showed up to help when his car got vandalized.

“He was out there, and I told him what happened. I got cameras all around the property around the house, and we will go in and review the tapes. We can see if we can catch the culprit who did this,” he said.

They never caught who did it, but it was the thought that counts.  

Harrison had tears in his eyes when discussing what his friend is accused of doing.

“I am almost speechless. I can’t believe it. It doesn’t sound like him at all. I wouldn’t have believed it if it wasn’t you telling me this… I can’t believe he did something like that. I had sympathy for the guy who lost his life, but I just can’t believe he did that,” Harrison said.

We don’t know the current situation at the Jablonski home involving the marriage. We do know after the killing of Herbert Bryant, Jablonski fled to a hotel, according to court documents.  

The preliminary hearing for both Jablonski and Totty is set for May 12.