VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Let’s talk about bike racks. There’s a special program in Virginia Beach called “Bike Buddies.” It can benefit the community by not only giving everyone a place to park their bikes, but also the opportunity to memorialize a person or an event. 

“This is a big deal because more than anything, the City of Virginia Beach is just known for active lifestyle,” said Elaine Linn of Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation, who also serves as transportation planner for the city.

Linn says it’s hard to miss seeing bicyclists in Virginia Beach. Walter Camp, the former chair of the Virginia Beach Parks and Rec Foundation agrees.

“I’m an attorney and I was assisting a client who wanted to make a donation to the city of bike infrastructure, bike racks,” said Camp.

He and Linn teamed up on a unique project sparked by the request of Walter’s client, as well as phone calls the city was getting. 

“The calls were coming in, ‘Where can I put a plaque to remember a family member or where I proposed to my spouse or just a great time that our family has had?'” said Camp. 

To meet the requests and the need for bike racks, the city got creative and made artful racks in the shape of a green leaf. 

“The logo for the Virginia Beach Parks and Rec Foundation is a leaf, but more broadly, we’re an environmentally aware city, forward-looking. It’s green and it’s coinciding with the 50th anniversary of Earth Day,” said Camp.

“Each rack is an individual, standalone piece, so that each person that wants to commemorate has their own plaque on their own rack,” said Winn. 

“Even when there is no bike attached to them, there’s something neat, whimsical, that just makes our city a little more fun out there,” said Camp.

You can find the bike racks at the Oceanfront and the city’s most popular parks like Mount Trashmore. They are privately funded by donors. If you would like to sponsor a bike rack, or get more information about Bike Buddies, click here.