VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – An assault charge against a Virginia Beach school principal was dismissed during a hearing Tuesday.

Police charged Joel Guldenschuh with assault after an alleged offense involving a woman at a neighbor’s Halloween party last October.

Guldenschuh served as principal of Old Donation School in Virginia Beach. The school system placed him on administrative leave after he was charged. A spokeswoman for the school division could not confirm whether he’s been reinstated into his position.

The woman alleged that Guldenschuh reached up her dress and touched her. She said he told her afterwards to not mention the incident to anyone. Guldenschuh told the judge that he accidentally bumped into the woman, and apologized immediately after. The two later played a game of beer pong together. The woman then mentioned the alleged assault to her husband, who confronted Guldenschuh and reportedly tried to fight him outside of the party.

Guldenschuh’s attorney called several witnesses to testify who were at the party. None of them saw the alleged incident. Much of the questioning focused on the woman’s inebriation.

The woman and her husband called the police later that night. Police came hours later, stating it was not an emergency. In court, the prosecutor played body camera footage from outside of the Guldenschuh home at 2:30 the next morning, when police confronted him about the incident. Guldenschuh told the judge that he was shocked, as he was told the woman was pressing charges.

The judge said that because there is reasonable doubt in the allegations, the charges are dismissed. She also denied the woman’s request for a protective order against Guldenschuh.

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