VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Residents in the Middle Plantation in Virginia Beach found leaflets in their yards with the faces and names of high-ranking government and Disney officials.

Felice routinely stops by her mailbox to pick up her Sunday paper. On Sunday morning, she found a plastic page beside her paper.

“I opened it up and I realized what it was,” she said. “I was shocked. It said Biden up at the top and Brandon, then it had a lot of Jewish faces and names and immediately thought it was against the Jewish community.”

Felice, who didn’t want to disclose her last name, is Jewish. She read the pamphlet and was shocked. Felice then contacted the police.

“It makes me feel devastated that I know it could happen, but I never thought it would happen in the community,” she said.

Rabbi Israel Zoberman, Temple Lev Tikvah’s founder and spiritual leader, said the pamphlets are a message of hate. He says especially in a neighborhood he said has quite a few Jewish families.

“Obviously, that was not a message of love. It was a message of hate,” he said, “Today we were targeted, but that’s not the end of it. Hatred has no boundaries.”

Rabbi Zoberman said the Jewish community should be applauded for the people featured on the leaflets.

“To begrudge the fact that Jews have worked so very, very hard. They work in government in large numbers,” he said. “That should be an opportunity to commend the Jewish community.”  

Instead, he said the author of the flyers hated Jewish people for having power.

“We are small in size. Because we have been targeted for persecution. It’s easy to point the finger at us. Oh these Jews,” Rabbi Zoberman said.

Virginia isn’t the only city receiving these messages. Incidents around the country have been popping up. Nexstar’s sister station WFLA reported flyers in a Tampa community.

NBC News also reported that police in three different cities are investigating similar flyers.

On the bright side, Rabbi Zoberman said the flyers are an opportunity for him and others to educate to help stop the Jewish hate.