VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A day after a fire caused damage to a shopping center on Holland Road in Virginia Beach, business owners picked up the pieces.

Roger Stein, the owner of Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs said he smelled smoke early Tuesday morning. He wandered around trying to find the source.

Stein found smoke pouring out the top of the Gibson Plaza. He quickly called 911 and evacuated neighboring businesses.

Smoke coming out of the Beauty to Go store on Holland Road on June 14, 2022. Courtesy: Roger Stein

Fire units were dispatched just before 8:40 a.m. and 10 fire units responded in total. Crews arrived to find smoke coming from the roof.

The owner of Sacred Dagger’s Tattoo, Michael Vasquez, said he received a broken window notification from his unit. He then received a text that said the building was smoking.

Vasquez rushed to his shop crossing his fingers that there was no damage.

“Something that could possibly keep us from working. It was a stressful situation in general,” he said.

In his shop, there were thousands of dollars of equipment for each artist. Vasquez said he is lucky because the extent of his unit’s damage is minimal.

“It just smells like a campfire. There was a lot of soot,” he said.

Vasquez said the only damage besides the smoke was a broken ThermoFax. He said artists use that to print off their artwork to transfer paper. He luckily has a backup.

Just down the way, Stein said he is also fortunate his building was left with minimal damage.

“I knew from being here as long as I have been as a tenant that it was going to go quick,” he said.

Officials say the fire started in the electrical room at Beauty to Go, which has extensive damage.

In a tweet, Virginia Beach firefighters said no injuries were reported and the cause is still under investigation.

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