VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Three Virginia Beach city poll workers’ information was recently involved in a “data security incident.”

According to a City of Virginia Beach news release, the Virginia Beach Voter Registration & Elections Office recently learned about a data security issue that happened at a company the city uses to manage poll worker information.

Personal bank information belonging to three Virginia Beach poll workers was in the files involved in the security incident.

The incident involved a Georgia/based company called EasyVote Solutions. Their technology is used for elections management platforms.

The City of Virginia Beach has poll workers give bank information for their direct deposits in-person, and did not know the three workers had given the information electronically in the EasyVote system, the city said.

“We take seriously our responsibility to safeguard the information in our care,” said Ron Davis, EasyVote’s CEO. “We have moved the files to a more secure environment and have taken steps to enhance our existing security measures as part of our ongoing commitment to cybersecurity.”

The EasyVote software is not linked to the city’s voter registration computers and is not used for election results or counting ballots.

“This incident was limited to a very small number of individuals in our system,” said Christine Lewis, Virginia Beach acting director of elections. “No other functions of the city’s voter election system were involved or affected by the incident.”

EasyVote is responsible for notifying the three poll workers who were affected.