VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Three people arrested in connection with human trafficking within massage parlors in Hampton Roads have pleaded guilty to money laundering.

According to the Department of Justice, Si Liu, 36, and her codefendants, Yang Gao, 33, and Ye Wang, 32, conspired to move and conceal proceeds obtained through prostitution.

Gao and Wang previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy to engage in money laundering. Gao and Wang are scheduled to be sentenced on August 4. Liu is scheduled to be sentenced on August 11.

Each faces a maximum of 20 years behind bars.

Investigators say the trio worked as operators or managers of “illicit, unregistered massage parlors” in Virginia Beach and Williamsburg. The businesses derived revenues from the prostitution of female employees.

Officials say women were recruited online to work for the defendants and performed sex acts for customers in exchange for cash payments.

Gao, Wang, and Liu split the prostitution proceeds with the women engaged in prostitution. Gao, Wang and Liu traveled to the massage parlors in Virginia Beach and Williamsburg to collect prostitution proceeds, and then deposited a percentage of profits into various bank accounts.

Money was then transferred to other members of the larger enterprise through cash deliveries and via mobile banking.

In their plea agreements, the three also agreed to forfeit four vehicles, over $130,000, numerous items of jewelry, a gold bar; as well as three personal residences.