VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Three people were injured, including a child, after a truck crashed into a home Wednesday afternoon causing damage to the structure and several vehicles nearby.

The fire department, along with VBPD and VBEMS, were dispatched just after 3 p.m. to the 400 block of Sedgewick Court to a possible “vehicle into a house.”

Units arrived on the scene to find a truck partially crashed into a home. The vehicle caused a small fire, which fire officials say was “extinguished quickly.”

The three people were transported to the hospital with unknown injuries. One patient was a child and was transported to CHKD by VBEMS. There has been no update on their condition.

10 On Your Side spoke with a neighbor who heard the crash and ran over to help.

“It was definitely an intense moment,” Patrick Tucker said.

Tucker said he was at home waiting for the football game to start when he heard a loud sound outside his window.

“I got up, opened the door, looked outside, and noticed that a lady came out of her house yelling her kids were inside,” he said.

Tucker walked further out into the street and saw the truck halfway into the house. He and his wife sprinted over to help.

“Our first instinct was to run into the house. My wife found one kid in the bathroom and picked her up and brought her out. The mother of the children had a child that was pinned between the truck and the toy box,” he said.

Tucker tried reaching the driver who was unresponsive.

“I’m beating on the window, doing what I got to do, trying to yank the door open, couldn’t get it open,” he said. “The entire time he’s got his foot on the gas as far as you can go so it’s tires spinning and smoke going everywhere and stuff.”

Neighbors tried breaking windows but the smoke from the crash became too much. First responders arrived shortly after.

Tucker said the driver eventually came to.

“He walked on his own, walked over, he sat on the gurney,” Tucker said. “I just wish the best for him.”

Tucker said he has kids of his own so he didn’t think twice about jumping in to help.

“It was instinct,” he said. “I hope the kids are ok.”

The crash is still under investigation by VBPD, and no charged had been field as of Friday afternoon.