VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A faith-based partnership is working to address the need for more affordable housing in Hampton Roads. 

On Thursday, ‘Moving Forward: Unlocking the Keys to Affordable Housing’ will be held at the Church of Holy Apostles from 9 a.m. to noon.

Up to 200 people may attend the event, as faith leaders and experts discuss affordable and attainable housing. 

“The idea around something being affordable is variable.  One thing can be affordable to me and not affordable to you. We want to make sure that where people live based on their salaries and based on the area in which they’re looking to live, that the housing there is attainable for them,” said Courtney Pierce, the co-lead of the Affordable Housing Collaborative with Interfaith Alliance at the Beach. 

The panel will review the housing market in Virginia Beach by examining zoning and mixed income housing examples. 

“We will have faith-based communities [there] to speak to how they have partnered with other nonprofits to be able to build attainable and affordable housing, either on land donated by the church or land donated by a nonprofit,” she said. “We’re just really looking at creative solutions to be able to see how many [people] we can create attainable housing for. To really create communities for themselves [and] to be able to support one another.” 

Several elected officials are expected to attend the meeting.

It is free but you must register here.