Viral TCC professor schools Harlem Globetrotters on basketball physics

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A local professor, who became an internet sensation, had a special guest in his physics class on Tuesday.

Last year, a video of physics professor Dr. David Wright went viral after students posted about his enthusiastic teaching methods.

Since, Wright has been interviewed by global news outlets and even appeared on the “Kelly Clarkson Show.”

“That was really intense,” he said about flying out to Los Angeles for the taping. “It’s kind of calmed down. I’ve had a couple of emails I’ve responded to and tried to give them some encouragement and teach them physics. It’s been kind of fun. I’m just back to teaching my students and [to] get them up and running. It’s a challenge.”

But it wasn’t a challenge for him to teach Harlem Globetrotter’s Zeus McClurkin, who stopped by ahead of the team’s game in Norfolk.

“I say, ‘what’s supposed to happen? He makes it happen!’ He was a good student. He listened! He tried to make sense of it. I would love to have him in my class,” Wright said.

Wright explained the physics of layups and dunks and showed McClurkin his famous pogo stick. He even got McClurkin, who is 6 feet 8 inches tall, to try it out.

“I haven’t been on a pogo stick since I was 11 years old and five-foot nothing. It’s a little difficult now with a size 15 shoe,” McClurkin said.

The nine-year Globetrotter veteran said he loved the viral video that cast Wright into internet fame.

“It was really cool especially just the type of teacher he is. He reminds me of the teachers I would gravitate toward,” McClurkin said. “I wasn’t the type of student who was good at taking tests and memorizing from a book. He teaches the kids through visual aids. I think that’s the coolest part. I was a visual learner myself. I think we’re kindred spirits so I was able to learn some stuff today.”

But McClurkin isn’t only excited about what he felt in the classroom with Wright. He’s also excited about the upcoming show at Chartway Arena for the Globetrotters “2020 Pushing Limits Farther” Tour.

He says the team will try to break more world records, including the furthest blind folded hook shot.

“I’d like to take my slow-mo camera so I can get them making their slam dunks. I love their trick shots. They have a four pointer where they go out like 35 feet and throw it in on a regular basis. I can’t make it 10 feet out! So I’m looking forward to what kind of trick shots they’re going to make,” Wright said about the upcoming show.

The Globetrotters are playing on March 14 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. at Chartway Arena. To buy tickets or learn more information, click here.

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