VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – The Virginia Beach Police Department is using a new community engagement tool to get what it says will be confidential feedback to improve outcomes after service calls.

The Axon tool, My90, will give residents an option to provide input while maintaining privacy, and the VBPD said it will use the feedback to measure what is working and what needs extra attention.

“I’m pleased to welcome My90 to our toolbox of technological resources,” said Police Chief Paul Neudigate in a statement. “This is investment is a demonstration of our commitment to community-oriented policing and data-driven practices. I’m excited to see what we learn with the feedback we garner with My90.”

Kona Shen, Axon vice president and general manager of My90, said the program is designed to help police departments take their approach to data, transparency and public engagement “to the next level.” The program is said to remove any identifiers from survey responses while publishing the results and building trust with the public, creating a dialogue and measuring progress over time, Axon said.

“We are elated that Virginia Beach is launching My90 as part of the department’s ongoing commitment to community policing,” Shen said.

Axon acquired My90 in 2021.

On Axon’s website, it cited feedback from the Fairfax County Police Department, in which it noted that it had collected more than 3,000 responses in two months.