VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — As football season kicks off, there’s one genre that Virginia Beach is particularly interested in — fantasy.

Fantasy football can be a make or break moment for sports lovers as they recruit their top players to a team in hopes of a successful season. Virginia Beach ties for No.1 with Las Vegas for hosting the most draft parties with 55.6% of participants taking part in the selection party, according to a new survey by

The city ranks No. 2 for the number of leagues — with an average of 2.9 teams. Orlando taking the No.1 with an average of four teams.

Virginia Beach scored an average of $643 per week making it No. 5 for highest earnings per week. However, despite high earning, the city ranks No. 4 for the biggest fantasy losers for how many times they have come in last palace for a fantasy league.

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