Truth Tracker: Guy refutes Stolle ad on zero tolerance policies, background checks for VB bus drivers


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A local political ad makes the claim that a candidate’s stand on a policy ended up hurting minority students.

The target of the ad is former Virginia Beach School Board member, Democrat Nancy Guy, who says what is in the ad is grossly unfair and misrepresents her.

“No, I did not support policies that disproportionately impact minority students,” Guy said. 

However, that is what State Delegate Chris Stolle’s spot claims.

The commercial includes this statement: “School Board Member Nancy Guy supported disciplinary policies for Virginia Beach Schools that punished minority students disproportionately.”

What’s true is that Guy had only been on the school board two months when that headline appeared.

“We did not support discriminatory policies. We championed a study to determine if it was happening, so we could make sure it didn’t happen … the study showed it was happening, and we responded and tried to promulgate policies to make it better.”

What is true is that Guy did vote to support a zero tolerance policy immediately following the 1999 Columbine High School Massacre.  

After the attack school systems all over America were doing zero tolerance policies.

“So we passed a zero tolerance policy on weapons in schools,” Guy remembers. It is true that 15 years after that vote, support for a zero tolerance policy came under racial scrutiny in the Obama Administration.

That appears in the ad: “Obama’s Justice Department criticized the policies as negatively impacting minority students.”

Guy is livid over the commercial.

“The article never mentioned Virginia Beach, it never mentions Nancy Guy, it isn’t talking about our policy, and it is not talking about a very narrow zero tolerance on weapons in schools.”  

10 On Your Side challenged Stolle on that.

“Look the Obama Administration said that these type of zero tolerance policies have a negative impact on minority students,” Stolle responded.

The Stolle ad also quotes Guy from a Virginian-Pilot article published on May 30, 1999: “You have bright-line rules that people understand and expect to have enforced…and consequently, they do not challenge them. As a result of that, you see fewer incidents, fewer challenges to it … but it is a knife and it should not be in school … Zero tolerance doesn’t mean inflexibility.”  

That part of the quote is not in the ad. It is clear Guy intends that there should be flexibility with discipline based on circumstance.

“It is disingenuous to marry those two things that happened 15 years apart, and to mention I was personally criticized by the Obama Administration’s Justice Department,” Guy said.

The second issue in the commercial states, “Guy then voted to weaken background checks for school bus drivers and substitute teachers, making our schools less safe.”  

It is true Guy voted to temporarily waive one of the background checks for those employees.  

“We agreed to let them hire people with just the state background check, pending the federal background check.  

Guy voted to accept only a state background check and not the more time-consuming FBI federal background check because Virginia Beach had trouble filling positions.

We asked her about what appears to be a true statement by Stolle, “Well again it happened 20 years ago, and there is no evidence that it did make our school less safe.”

Stolle pounces on that. “It would be obvious to any parent that if you are reducing the standards of who you have teaching their kids and driving them to school that that is making them less safe.”

Guy probably knows it is possible Stolle is running a commercial like this because she is the Democrat and she is depending on Democratic voters who are probably aligned with former President Obama and his former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Both of their pictures appear in the Stolle ad.

It should be noted, Guy left the Virginia Beach School Board 7 years before President Obama took office, and her campaign website shows one of her supporters, none other than the guy appearing in that commercial, Obama AG Eric Holder.

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