SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — It’s time “fore” putting the fun in fundraising. “I’m terrible, but I’m trying to win,” said Tripp Seed as he laughed with friends on the Suffolk Golf Course.

Seed is honoring the memory of his wife, Angela Eates Seed, whose life was taken too soon by blood cancer.

“A lot of her family and friends are out here so, I know we’re making her proud with this,” he said.

This is something Angela’s parents tell us she wanted to do.

“Because when the patient is battling cancer, they don’t need to think about where their mortgage payment is going to come from next, because in most cases, they’re not able to work,” said Sandra Eates.

Angela helped create the AES Cancer Foundation. It helps blood cancer patients pay bills so they can concentrate on getting better.

“The turnout has been tremendous,” said Frank Eates, Angela’s father. “We did not expect a third of what we got out here and its really been good.”

AES is generated a lot of green with some real characters on the course.

WAVYs Andy Fox, Chris Horne and Brett Hall played for the cause and had a literal blast firing their golf balls into the air on the 15th hole with the help of Freedom Outdoors.

The company set up an AR-15 that fires blanks and propels the golf ball.

“This is something they do at a lot of charity golf tournaments around the area,” said Aaron Jollow with Freedom Outdoors.

Though our golfers may never find those balls, there are no worries.

Angela found her ace Friday as AES collected more than $12,000 to give those patients some peace.

Her parents confirmed: “She’s smiling, she sure is.”

The AES Cancer Foundation is currently working with patients from Duke Medical Center where Angela received her treatment.

They hope that as support grows they can grow their giving and support more local cancer organizations.