HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) – The deadline to file your taxes is in just a few days.

People who live in American will have until April 18th to file. The original tax day is on the 15th, but since it falls on a weekend this year, filers will have a couple of extra days to get their taxes done.

If people don’t believe they will be able to make that deadline, you are able to submit an extension application by April 18.

For most Americans, tax season can be a very stressful time.

“When people think about the Internal Revenue Service, they’re not warm and fuzzy thoughts. It’s quite intimidating the IRS,” said Iris Garriss, a tax preparer at the City Center Tax Group.

Garriss has 40 years of experience helping Virginians file their taxes.

“The federal tax rate goes up as high as 30 something percent for federal taxes on your taxable income. But on the state, it could be a little over 5 percent,” Garriss said.

Those who are in the military, are deployed, Americans that live overseas, or someone from a different county have until June 15 to file their taxes.

“This year in particular for military people, the state of Virginia has allowed them an additional 10 thousand dollar break of minus 10 thousand dollars on there income,” Garriss explains. “Each year they will increase that deduction until the state of Virginia allows them a 40 thousand reduction in their military retirement so that they don’t have to pay taxes on it. That’s in the State of Virginia.”

For those who are looking to get their refunds back quickly, Garriss say Virginians tend to get their refunds earlier than others.

“The state of Virginia is super fast, they’re like lightening fast, and the IRS, if everything is fine and the return goes though and they file electronically then we tell people 4-6 weeks, our experience has been 1 to 2 weeks,” Garriss explained.

Garriss also wants people to know that if you don’t file, there are extra fees that could be added and the government could hold onto your refund.