SUSSEX COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — Attention speedsters! Beginning on Jan. 3, the Sussex County Sheriff’s Office will start implementing photo speed cameras on Route 40 in Sussex Public School zones, according to their release.

When the lights are flashing, that’s a reminder to slow down because class is in session. Citations will be issued during school hours. Nov. 27 starts the initial warning period, during this time, violators will receive a warning in the mail. After the warning period ends, violators will begin receiving citations.

These violations are civil and not a traffic violation, so they will not be reported to insurance or affect driver’s license points, according to the office.

“We’re committed to slowing down drivers and protecting our kids,” the Sheriff’s Office said, in a release. “Please drive safely in our school zones and in our community. Our goal is zero. Zero injuries, zero crashes and zero endangered lives.”

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