SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A Suffolk doctor who lives in Norfolk is finding himself on the wrong side of the law and now he’s without a job.  

10 On Your Side found Dr. Giovanni Geronilla, 43, has been charged with a Class One Misdemeanor for “creating an unlawful image of another.” 

The incident allegedly happened on June 7, he was arrested June 30, and he appeared Thursday in court to get bond. 

Geronilla is accused of putting his cell phone under the dress of an unsuspecting colleague and taking a video.   

According to the court document, the victim says she was at a charting station taking notes when suddenly she looked down, and she saw a phone between her feet, and it was in the upward position camera lens up.

The victim says Dr. Geronilla had been standing uncomfortably close, she observed him pick up the phone, she asked if this was his phone, and he said yes. She believes, according to the court document, that he was recording her from underneath her dress. 

The officer found three other witnesses who confirmed the same story as the victim that the doctor dropped the phone, camera lens upward.

On Thursday, Geronilla got bond and was put on house arrest with electronic monitoring.  

10 On Your Side went to his house, and he did not answer the door. A neighbor stated they saw police at the house and Geronilla was taken out of the garage door in handcuffs.

10 On Your Side also reached out to the Bayview Physicians Group who stated that the primary care physician, Geronilla, is no longer employed with them.  

Read the full statement from the group below:

“Giovanni (Ivan) Geronilla, MD, was previously employed by our group. He is no longer employed. We are fully cooperating with the authorities in their investigation.”  

Geronilla is expected to plead not guilty on July 19 to creating an unlawful image of another. 

In the criminal complaint, the arresting officer stated that Geronilla has a history of “unlawful filming up the skirts of others.” 

10 years ago, it appears the Dr. was caught placing a cell phone inside a shopping basket in Connecticut taking videos under the skirts of women. 

10 Your Side contacted Bayview Physicians Group to ask if they were aware of the doctor’s past when he was hired, and the spokesperson said, “I can’t speak to that.” 

Suffolk Police also had no further comment saying the case remains under investigation. 

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