SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Suffolk City Council has lowered its real estate tax rate by two cents for the upcoming budget year.

However, the water rate will see a “modest” increase.

City Council met on May 4 and approved the city’s fiscal year 2023 budget.

Dropping the real estate tax rate by 2 cents puts the rate at $1.09 per $100 of assessed real estate value, which keeps Suffolk at the third-lowest real estate tax rate in the region. Residents can still expect to pay more because assessments have gone up roughly 13%.

The city manager also proposed only taxing 75% of car and truck value for vehicles less than 2 tons.

The increase for water is about an extra $1.10 per month for the average customer that has a 5ccf combined water-sewer bill. The monthly stormwater fee will stay at $7.50. The monthly refuse charge will also stay stable at $25.25.

The budget gives $8.4 million for the full-year cost of a compensation study and step plans. The budget will add 52 new positions to help offset staffing needed for new facilities and workload demand.

The budget that was passed included a couple of amendments, including increasing funding for some organizations such as $45,500 more for the Suffolk General District Court Behavioral Health Docket and $28,880 more for the Western Tidewater Free Clinic.