SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A Suffolk man is being laid to rest Friday after a tragic fire burned 90% of his body.

Tyrone Brown and his wife Sheila were both inside when their home caught fire.

A neighbor heard the explosion and called 911. The cause is still under investigation.

“We only have one neighbor and they heard the explosion and went back and found my parents,” said Ridge Brown.

Tyrone and Sheila’s son, Ridge, says it’s difficult to see the home he grew up in burned to the ground.

“That was my childhood home,” said Ridge. “It’s rough to see it because it was a decent size house, but it’s flat now.”

Tyrone died in the hospital nine days after the fire. Ridge says he called his dad “Pops” and many of his friends did too.

“My friend told me he’s like everybody’s dad,” said Ridge. “I learned so many things from him, so many things I wouldn’t know without him.”

Ridge’s mom, Sheila, is an artist, who suffered burns to her arms and legs. She’s now learning how to walk again.

“She’s very talented, stained glass, colored pencil,” said Ridge. “Her friends brought her colored pencils and adult coloring books so she’s sitting in the hospital working on that. Luckily, her right hand isn’t as bad as her left and she’s right hand dominant so I think she’ll get back to it. I hope so at least.”

Tyrone served in the military and spent most of his life in Suffolk. Ridge says it’s hard to believe he’s gone.

“He took care of everybody. He didn’t care what you did, what you do, what you’re gonna do. If you came through that threshold, he loved you,” said Ridge.

Tyrone’s funeral is on September 30 at 10 a.m. at Harris Funeral Home in Suffolk.

The family has a fundraiser to help with funeral expenses, medical bills, and to help Sheila and Ridge get back on their feet.

“My dad really supported her so right now she has me and I just need a little extra help,” said Ridge.