SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A frightening morning for a group of children on their way to school Monday. All 12 of them and their driver were hospitalized after their school bus crashed in a rural area of Suffolk.

They are all are expected to be OK.

The crash happened just before 9:30 as the bus was on its way to Southwestern Elementary school. The crash happened on Cypress Chapel Road, near the intersection of Carolina Road.

Lauren Violette was inside her home when she heard the crash.

“I heard a very loud noise,” she said. “When I looked out, I just saw the bus flip over and she slid a pretty good ways, and then ended up in the ditch.”

Looking at the overturned bus, she said she didn’t think twice.

“I knew I had to get to the bus, adrenaline kind of took over, and I took off running,” Violette said.

While the children were all expected to be OK and only hospitalized as a precaution, she said they were terrified of what happened.

“I was running down the driveway, all I heard was screams,” she said. “They wanted their moms and dads, they were very shook up.”

School personnel notified the parents of the students involved.

The school bus, No. 78, was on its way to Southwestern Elementary School when the single-vehicle crash occurred.

There is no word yet what caused the crash.

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