SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A trailer full of love.

“His tools, plans for future projects, all in there. His, what I felt was his legacy,” said Ann Rea Fowler of her father’s trailer that was stolen sometime between 8 a.m. and noon Thursday.

“I can’t imagine how they got it really far away anyways with the two flat tires,” Fowler said. “Even if they pumped it up, there’s only so far they could have gone.”

And she took every precaution.

“I had a hitch lock, a pin lock, locks on the back of it as well,” she said.

She also moved her dad’s car closer to the hitch in hopes of making it more difficult to haul away, however —

“They were able to move it just a small amount and it made the difference for them,” she said.

Those tracks, now a sad reminder of what she’s missing.

Her father, Robert Fowler, was a Suffolk native and 17-year Marine veteran who liked to work with his hands. He kept his tools in that 20-foot trailer. Robert died suddenly last year.

“When I would go in the trailer, I would just feel his presence and smell him and that’s gone now,” she said.

Fowler didn’t get to say goodbye to her father, making those items that much more dear to her.

Now, she has a message for the thieves.

“I know the objects in that trailer aren’t what’s going to fill my heart, it’s the memory of my dad,” she said. “But your desire for taking the trailer is not what’s going to fill your heart either. And I can just hold out hope knowing that God has it in control.”

If you know anything about where this trailer may be, call Suffolk Police Department at 757-923-2350.