NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – As part of the Operation Bold Blue Line initiative, the Virginia State Police and the Newport News Police Department will work together on week-long crime suppression operations throughout the city.

The partnership will take place beginning Friday and going through Dec. 22.

“We are excited about working side-by-side with our partners at Virginia State Police to reduce crime and improve the quality of life for our citizens in the city of Newport News,” said Chief Steve Drew in a statement.

In October, Gov. Glenn Youngkin announced the initiative, which includes:

  • Supporting existing law enforcement by finally fixing pay and wage compression.
  • Supporting new law enforcement with a comprehensive recruiting effort to attract law enforcement from other states and develop homegrown talent.
  • Providing more support for all law enforcement, including more training and equipment.
  • Ensuring law enforcement is backed up by prosecutors that can and will put and keep violent offenders behind bars.
  • Providing additional resources to victims and witnesses, and funding community partnerships to help stop violent crime before it happens.

Concerns were raised about the initiative in October after the governor announced the proposal, which includes $30 million for a nationwide and homegrown recruitment effort, and $75 million in equipment and training for state and local agencies.

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