NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – It’s day one of the new metal detectors at a trio of Newport News high schools.  

Warwick High School is one of three that got them. 

Newport News School Administration would not allow us to video tape the new weapon detectors. 

Warwick High School also used the old type of metal detector, and we are told everyone went through, and that led to huge, long lines.

Our morning crew saw the growing crowds outside the school waiting to go through the detectors, and there were lots of students late to first class,  

“People were late to first class, very late,” said student McKenzie Creekmore. “I was late … class starts at 7:10, but people were getting in there at 7:30.” 

Said senior Kyra Carl: “This time it was disorganized, and they sent me through the metal detectors, gave me my bag and I went on my way. They didn’t check through anybody’s bag, and it kind of made me feel unsafe.”

Warwick High student Elijah Morris is not confident that the consistency of checking persons and bags will continue.

“Tomorrow they can do the same thing, but there won’t be any metal detectors,” Morris said. “It’s like good for today kind of thing.” 

Creekmore added that “with the new metal detector, you have to take your Chromebook and your charger out because it will make it go off because of the technology, but other than that you just walk through.” 

The lines were so long, and students were so late – some about 30 minutes late – school administration had to remind them to get to class after going through the detectors.

“They just said all students should be reporting to your class now,” Creekmore said, “get out of the hall. … We were just still sitting in there in class, mostly empty, trying to get in. We were waiting for them to get in.”

Newport News Public Schools said there were no weapons found in schools today.