NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — The Family Foundation of Virginia and its local parental rights groups are hosting a “Speak Up” rally and press conference on Monday.

The event stems from school districts refusing to follow Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s non-discrimination model policy. Some districts decided to modify the policy.

Youngkin’s policy, which was released in the summer, requires schools to call a student only by the gender and name on the student’s official records, unless a parent says otherwise.

Last week, the Virginia Beach School Board voted to make changes to the policy, but revisions are similar to what the governor wanted.

For example, schools can’t hide information from parents about their child’s gender.

The school board’s approved revisions came after two parents sued the school district for not following the policy.

Meanwhile, students who support LGBTQ rights feel the policy is discriminatory and will make school unsafe for LGBTQ students.

A statement in the event press release says in part:

“That’s why the Attorney General’s office and concerned school board members are joining their voices together with local parents:” Parents in the region say they’ve lost trust in their school systems and are calling on them to win that trust back by demonstrating courage and adopting strong policies that protect kids by protecting parents’ rights to be involved.”

The event is Monday at 5:30 p.m. in front of the World Outreach Worship Center.