NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Dozens of passengers showed up to Norfolk International Airport Monday morning in the hopes of reuniting with their luggage after tens of thousands of flight cancellations last week.

“It’s frustrating,” said David Cooper. “We had to buy all new clothes.”

Cooper and his wife were scheduled to fly back from Chicago last week and had already checked their bags before finding out their flight was canceled.

“We lost a lot of our toiletries and stuff like that,” Cooper said. “She had actually some uniform items for her work that she lost, so she had to buy some new uniforms just now to go back to work.”

While the airline was unable to say just how many bags are still scattered at airports throughout the country, Southwest did say in a tweet on Monday that they were “inundated” with bags needing to be reunited with their owners.

The airline canceled more than 15,000 flights last week, blaming weather and a “complex network.” On Friday, normal flight operations resumed, but many people had lost their luggage in the process.

When their connecting flight from Baltimore to Norfolk was canceled on Christmas, Texas-based travelers Mike and Cindy Waldrop were without their bags for eight days. Inside the bags were not only their personal items, but gifts for their many grandchildren.

They were reunited with their bags on Monday, a welcome relief to the couple.

“We’re excited,” Cindy Waldrop said. “Originally they were going to ship them back to us in Texas, which would have meant we would’ve had to ship all the gifts back here.”

Southwest Airlines has set up a special section of their website for travelers who were affected by last week’s flight cancellations. If you were one of the customers affected, click here.